What is a level 3 Certified Trainer?

This has been popping up more and more lately.  I have had students ask me if I am a level 3 certified trainer.  Well, technically, yes.  I am.

  • a level 3 Certified User  (I was, in fact, the very first level 3 certified user for Xactimate 27).
  • And I am an Xactimate Certified Trainer.

The question seems to imply that level 3 means that a person is a Trainer.  In fact, Level 3 has nothing to do with training.  Level 3 is a User Certification.  One that I respect and think all users should aspire to achieve.  But, a level 3 certified user is not a certified Trainer at all.  I see "Level 3 certified trainer" in advertisements all over the place.  The wording of the phrase is such that a reader would assume that level 3 means you are certified to train.  Deceptive?  You decide.

If you are wondering whether your prospective trainer is Xactimate Certified, click here .  The names of all XCT's are listed right there for the whole world to see.

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