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Framing in Sketch – super simple, perfectly accurate

With the recent tornado activity, it seems appropriate to remind the folks out there that Sketch has a very simple way to estimate framing.  Once you have your floorplan complete (with openings already in place- because we DO want those headers and trim pieces estimated, right?), simply lasso the floorplan and go into the Properties window.  There you will see a bold header named  "Construction". Under that header, simply select flooring, walls, or footer. The choices are straight forward.  Once… (Read more)

Xactimate Sketch tip- how to Sketch a mansard roof

Step by step tutorial on how to Sketch a Mansard roof.… (Read more)

New Adjuster Strategies – Part 3

Get Certified! There are a million certifications out there.  Which of those should you choose?  This is a very popular debate.  While I will certainly not end the debate with this one blog, I will try to provide some guidance to the newer folks out there that would like to simplify the process. I've said it before, but it's worth saying again - get licensed in your home state right away.  I'm sure some readers would disagree with this, but… (Read more)

New Adjuster Strategies – Part 2

How to survive your first deployment Several things occur when a new adjuster gets deployed for the first time.  We'll discuss things that are so common, it's pretty much safe to say that ALL new adjusters go through the same patterned experience.  If you thought you were alone, you're not.  Read on. Having information about what is about to happen (prior to it actually happening) can really be beneficial to the newly deployed.  Here are the normal stages: Day 1… (Read more)

New Adjuster Strategies – Part 1

New Adjuster Strategies It seems everywhere I go lately, I am surrounded by folks that are new to the adjusting field (probably not a coincidence, considering I AM an Xactimate trainer). I get the same questions over and over, so it seemed appropriate to address some of those questions in our very first newsletter. I would give a little advice on some things that may seem obvious - 1. Go ahead and get a license in your home state. If… (Read more)