Looking for work? Get Xactimate Certified today. No, really – today!

Employers take a huge risk when hiring new adjusters or estimators.  Fact - the claims business has a very high turnover rate.  The reason - adjusters go out and inspect several losses, come back to the office, and have no idea where to go from there.  Inputting the findings is slow and frustrating. The new hire gets overwhelmed, burns out and is fired or quits.  I've seen this pattern more times than I can count.  The business is a great one.  But a little preparation will take you a long way.  Employers know this, and they are looking for ways to cut down on turnover and keep their operations moving forward as smoothly as possible.  The Xactimate Certified folks have a much lower turnover rate, and employers know this.

That leads me to Xactimate Certification.  The fastest way for a new adjuster or estimator looking for work to show that they are competent with the biggest software in the business?  Simple.  Email copies of your Xactimate Level 1 & 2 certs with your application.

"Learning as you go" simply doesn't work.  Better put - "self taught=self destruct" when it comes to Xactimate, as a student once told me.  It's just not that intuitive.  It's fun and easy (when learning from the correct source), but not intuitive.  That's why I created my Certification webinars.  They teach all the skills needed to pass the Xactimate certs, and at the end you have the entire Sketch and Estimate completed.  You just need to log on to Xactware and take the exam.  And PASS!

"But I don't have time", or better yet "I'm new- I couldn't pass yet".  Nonsense!  You could be Certified Tonight!

I recently performed a simple experiment- My neighbor is a chef.  He had never heard of Xactimate - is there a better experiment than that?  I gave him access to my Level 1 webinar and asked him to take the Xactimate Level 1 exam.  He downloaded the FREE Xactimate DEMO, watched my level 1 webinar once,  and passed the Level 1 cert on his first attempt.  A chef, that has never heard of Xactimate, passed on his first attempt after watching my webinar.  He has no claims background or experience whatsoever.  His comment?  "I can't believe how easy this was".

His score?  98%!

I said that to say this - if you buy access to my Xactimate Certification webinar-  you'll learn a ton, you'll love it, and you'll be fully qualified to pass the Certification Exam immediately.  I have never had a student participate in the webinar and not pass on their first attempt.

The cost?

  • Just $299 for Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Roof, and a ton more

If you aren't satisfied, just call me-  I'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Curious?  Click HERE for more info, and to sign up for the videos.

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