Framing in Sketch – super simple, perfectly accurate

With the recent tornado activity, it seems appropriate to remind the folks out there that Sketch has a very simple way to estimate framing.  Once you have your floorplan complete (with openings already in place- because we DO want those headers and trim pieces estimated, right?), simply lasso the floorplan and go into the Properties window. 

  • There you will see a bold header named  "Construction".
  • Under that header, simply select flooring, walls, or footer.
  • The choices are straight forward.  Once you select the general category, more options appear (lumber size, spacing, connections, etc)

This is an awesome tool.  Make sure to go into the exterior/ load bearing walls and select "YES" for load bearing.  You can Sheath the exterior walls, change them to 2x6, revise on center distance, whatever you need to do.

If you find yourself modifying the same things over and over, simply go into the Preferences screen and change those items to defaults.  Work smarter, not harder.

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