Frequently Asked Questions


 Can I REALLY learn online?

YES.  We shared the same concerns that you might have.  We initially resisted creating these videos due to our concerns about the quality of learning that was possible for our students.  Our roots are in the classroom, and we didn't want to sacrifice ANY of the retention or comprehension of the material by putting it on line.  We tested and tested before making these videos available to the public, making changes along the way. We now have a product that can truly teach you Xactimate via video!  We don't see value in Certification without actual comprehension (the Cert wouldn't mean much if you couldn't actually use the software).  A quick visit to our Testimonial Page will confirm that these sessions are the real deal. In fact, most of our students have NEVER learned on line prior to taking our courses.  With a 97% student retention rate, the material is being well received.  Give us a shot- with an Unconditional Money Back Guarantee, there is no risk at all.  The only risk would be to sit there another day without learning this valuable information!

  • Why get Certified?

It depends on how you use Xactimate.  The 3 most common user types are:

  1. Adjuster- When deploying adjusters, the various firms are more and more requiring BOTH Level 1 & Level 2 User Certifications.  This requirement is passed down from the Insurance Companies.  In order to reduce turnover and increase individual success rates, they are now frequently requesting Xactimate certifications to deploy the most qualified individuals.  For this reason, it is advisable for adjuster to get Level 1 AND Level 2 Certified.
  2. Contractor/ Estimator - When doing insurance work, it is a great idea to get AT LEAST the Level 2 certification.  This puts you and your team in a category of skills that is likely higher than your competition.  In a world where it is more and more "about the paper", having your team Xactimate Certified is a great way to market your company and create consistency amongst the team.  Level 2 is the standard by which contractors are judged.  If you really want to stand out, become Level 3 Certified.
  3. Looking for employment - For those looking for employment, being an Xactimate Certified estimator lets prospective employers know you take your skillset and education seriously.  I am in constant contact with contractors and adjusting firms throughout North America, and they all tell me me that the User Certs put applicants at the top of the list.  Levels 1 & 2 are a great minimum for job seekers.


  • Do I need Xactimate on my computer in order to participate?

YES.  If taking a Certification video, the video will guide you step by step through the official Xactimate Certification exam.  Other videos (roof, etc) will also review click by click instructions.  Having Xactimate is essential to fully participating with the videos.  Click Here to download the free DEMO.  The DEMO is perfect for full training participation.

  • What version of Xactimate is shown in the webinars?

Our videos use the most popular version of Xactimate- 27.5.  As long as you have some version of 27 (27.0, 27.1, 27.3, 27.5) you will be fine.

  • Is this the actual Certification from Xactware?

YES.  Our certification videos prep you for the official Xactimate Certifications.  We go step by step, click by click, through the entire certification exercise.

  • Will I actually learn Xactimate, or simply pass the certification exam?

YOU WILL LEARN.  We teach the best techniques available.  The sessions are intended to TEACH the attendee, not just get them to pass the certifications.  We review Keystrokes, best estimating methods, and talk you through the entire exercise.  This allows time to revisit the lessons and learn, even after you are certified.

You will also have immediate access to printable materials that will give you tips, techniques, and keystrokes to help you go forward with true proficiency.

  • How do I get the certification after the training?

Simply click the link on our logon screen, pay for the exam, take the test and pass.

  • How much time do I have to watch the videos?

You can watch an UNLIMITED number of times- rewind, pause, whatever you need.  You will have 6 Months of unlimited access after you register.

  • Is this Certification universally accepted?

YES. In fact, this is the ONLY Xactimate certification that is accepted in the claims industry (vendors, carriers, contractors, etc). If you are issued a certificate by an entity other than Xactware, it will not be recognized as an Xactimate Certification.

  • How many levels of certification are there?


  • What does each level mean?

Xactware has defined each level of certification as follows:

Level 1 - Xactimate Proficiency (Fundamentals)

Level 2 - Xactimate Proficiency (Power User)

Level 3 - Xactimate Mastery (Subject Matter Expert)

  • Do I need to be Level 1 Certified prior to taking Level 2?

NO.  There is no requirement that you pass Level 1 in order to go for Level 2.  That said, many carriers request BOTH certifications when calling to deploy adjusters.  For that reason, we suggest getting both levels of Certification.  The cost is low, and the potential benefits are very high.

  • How much do the Xactware exams cost?

Each exam is $100- paid directly to Xactware.

  •  Which Certifications are requested by the Insurance Industry?

Levels 1 & 2 are frequently requested by insurance carriers.  Level 3, while carrying bragging rights to be sure, is not currently required by insurance companies for deployment.

  • What if I take your training and don't pass the certification exam?

YOU WILL PASS.  Take your time, complete the required exercise, and use your computer to find the answers.



About the Xactimate Certification Videos:

The Videos ARE NOT:

  • Our Videos are not "Cram and Pass" sessions.  You will pass the exam, but you will do it by learning.

The Videos ARE:

  • Actual lessons that enable our students to be the most efficient estimators possible.
  • Learning sessions that directly result in Xactimate Certification.
  • The Certification videos are Dual Purpose.  If you are looking to learn the very best Sketch and Estimating techniques, these are perfect for you.  They are also complete preparation the official Xactimate Certifications!  If you are learning the skills, you might as well be fully prepared to TAKE and PASS the certification exams.
  • They can be viewed any time, day or night- for 6 months!  Rewind, Pause, Fast Forward, whatever.  Most students watch, complete the estimate, then get Certified.  After that, they come back and practice the techniques in the videos.  Being Certified will get you the job, but Proficiency will keep you there.
  • They are taught by Xactimate Certified Trainer Chris Hatcher.  Chris has handled tens of thousands of claims in his career, and was the highest producing adjuster in the country for multiple years.  His techniques are the most efficient, most effective estimating techniques available.  A huge proponent of Xactimate Certifications, Chris has more Xactimate Certified students than any other trainer in the world.
  • Over 90% of our members stay on to access new videos and use our site as a reference in their careers.
  • 98% of surveyed students said they would RECOMMEND our webinars to a friend.
  • The Handouts page includes several helpful PDF's from Xactware that will be helpful as you go forward with Xactimate.


How do I end the membership and stop the $25 monthly membership fee?

Simple.  Just email us at and request to discontinue your membership.  We do not prorate or go back in time to stop membership.  Membership discontinues on the date you request to no longer be a member.  Please include the email address you used to register, along with your first and last name.