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Sketch tip- Stairs in the center of a room

I get calls frequently for this one. This is on our "Sketch Tips & Tricks" page for our members, but I thought that non-members would really enjoy this simple tip for putting Stairs in the middle of a room. This frustrates a lot of people, and it doesn't have to. The solution is rather simple.… (Read more)

Xactscope for iPad- 27.5 is way, way better!

We're a couple weeks into the new iPad app for Xactimate (Xactscope), and I'm a believer. I have been experimenting with it a couple hours each day, and am learning that is deeper than it first appears. The Sketch feature, which I initially was "happy" with but not impressed, has me really enjoying the app. Some of the faster ways appear to be missing, but they're there. Get into it, get them for your whole team. The iPad is great… (Read more)

Framing in Sketch – super simple, perfectly accurate

With the recent tornado activity, it seems appropriate to remind the folks out there that Sketch has a very simple way to estimate framing.  Once you have your floorplan complete (with openings already in place- because we DO want those headers and trim pieces estimated, right?), simply lasso the floorplan and go into the Properties window.  There you will see a bold header named  "Construction". Under that header, simply select flooring, walls, or footer. The choices are straight forward.  Once… (Read more)

Xactimate Sketch tip- how to Sketch a mansard roof

Step by step tutorial on how to Sketch a Mansard roof.… (Read more)

Xactimate Sketch tip – Room in a Room

This stumps a lot of users.  This is definitely a simplistic view of the process.  The variety that can be found out there is infinite.  Remember, the concept remains the same even though the rooms can get much more complex.  Think about a double Tray Ceiling - How would this work?  Make the INSIDE room the tray ceiling, then just make the perimeter room a lower ceiling height (box). Here's the link: Click HERE for the video tutorial.… (Read more)

Xactimate Sketch tip- “Barrel” shaped ceilings

This tip is mostly video tutorial, but it seems best to provide some of the scoping info before watching the video.  Below is a picture of what my scope notes would look like with a barrel shaped ceiling.  The numbers that have arrows are referencing "Height", while the numbers that do not have arrows next them are referencing "width"(or horizontal measurements). This is a typical Barrel Ceiling.  Notice we need to take the horizontal measurement at each change in ceiling… (Read more)