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4.5 steps to Survive (and thrive) on your first deployment

“4.5 steps to survive (and thrive) on your first deployment” You’ve worked really hard, learned as fast and thoroughly as you could, made some great contacts, and now you have files.  Beyond the obvious (inspect and close), what are some strategies that will turn this event into something that is worth leaving the house?  How about making this an event that is long lasting, and can actually change your career?  50 files then back to the house is certainly not… (Read more)

Creating a Macro

This short video shows how to Create & Use Macros… (Read more)

4.5 ‘Must Do’ Steps for New Adjusters to Get Deployed During a Storm Event

I was sitting at the Dining Room table today, with my daughter painting my fingernails (yes, you read that right) - and I had a thought (you read that right, too).  It occurred to me that my readers would want to have this information- they may even want it NOW!   My phone rings a lot! "Hey, Chris.  How do I...."?  Sometimes it is Xactimate related, sometimes not.  Adjusters ask me the secrets to getting deployed, contractors ask me the… (Read more)

Looking for work? Get Xactimate Certified today. No, really – today!

Employers take a huge risk when hiring new adjusters or estimators.  Fact - the claims business has a very high turnover rate.  The reason - adjusters go out and inspect several losses, come back to the office, and have no idea where to go from there.  Inputting the findings is slow and frustrating. The new hire gets overwhelmed, burns out and is fired or quits.  I've seen this pattern more times than I can count.  The business is a great… (Read more)

Separate Mitigation and Restoration totals quickly and easily

This video shows how to create a total page for separate lines of coverage very easily.  Resulting in a clean, easy to read estimate.… (Read more)

What is a level 3 Certified Trainer?

This has been popping up more and more lately.  I have had students ask me if I am a level 3 certified trainer.  Well, technically, yes.  I am. a level 3 Certified User  (I was, in fact, the very first level 3 certified user for Xactimate 27). And I am an Xactimate Certified Trainer. The question seems to imply that level 3 means that a person is a Trainer.  In fact, Level 3 has nothing to do with training.  Level… (Read more)

Xactimate setup

Quick, easy video for first time Xactimate Users.… (Read more)

New Adjuster Strategies – Part 3

Get Certified! There are a million certifications out there.  Which of those should you choose?  This is a very popular debate.  While I will certainly not end the debate with this one blog, I will try to provide some guidance to the newer folks out there that would like to simplify the process. I've said it before, but it's worth saying again - get licensed in your home state right away.  I'm sure some readers would disagree with this, but… (Read more)

New Adjuster Strategies – Part 2

How to survive your first deployment Several things occur when a new adjuster gets deployed for the first time.  We'll discuss things that are so common, it's pretty much safe to say that ALL new adjusters go through the same patterned experience.  If you thought you were alone, you're not.  Read on. Having information about what is about to happen (prior to it actually happening) can really be beneficial to the newly deployed.  Here are the normal stages: Day 1… (Read more)

New Adjuster Strategies – Part 1

New Adjuster Strategies It seems everywhere I go lately, I am surrounded by folks that are new to the adjusting field (probably not a coincidence, considering I AM an Xactimate trainer). I get the same questions over and over, so it seemed appropriate to address some of those questions in our very first newsletter. I would give a little advice on some things that may seem obvious - 1. Go ahead and get a license in your home state. If… (Read more)