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Chris, Hands down, your program works!!!! I've tried the three day class room approach and found it to be more of a headache than, an asset,plus a waste of $$$$! I felt stressed because, the instructor for the course, worked above the level of the majority of the class. I don't call that teaching. With your program, I'm able to view your presentation, do the work and then check it. You surprised me, when you responded so quickly to my e-mail,that I sent you last night at 11:05pm. I was expecting you to respond in the morning,once you checked your emails,that speaks volumes about the level of quality that goes into your program! I have been teaching adult education for over 25 years,and I say that to stress the point of how you are able to help your students learn. You give the student the opportunity to See it, Hear it and then Do it. You hit a GRAND SLAM every time!!!!!

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