Level 2 Handouts

Download and print this Prior to the webinar.  You will need the printout in order to Sketch and estimate during the webinar.

Be sure to print out BOTH handouts.  Simply click on each link and print.

Level 2 Sketch

Level 2 Scope


Tips for making this webinar a success:

  1. Be sure to have Xactimate loaded prior to watching the webinar.  Looking for the FREE demo? Click Here
  2. If possible, use 2 monitors.  1 for Viewing and 1 for Xactimate.  This is not mandatory, but it makes the process go a lot smoother.
  3. Watch me first, then rewind and try it yourself.  Follow along with me after you have seen and heard the process.
  4. Eliminate all distractions.  Turn that ringer off, turn your email program off.  Focus on the subject at hand.  It will go quicker than you expect.
  5. Once you pass the exam (and you WILL, I guarantee it), come back and watch again – practice the techniques shown here.  Passing the exam is awesome, and will certainly help you in your career.  But proficiency is king when you’re in the field.  Master this webinar.  You have 30 days to see it over and over.  Might as well use that time to better yourself and boost your efficiency!
  6. Enjoy the moment.  You’re now in a much smaller group of certified Level 2 users.
  7. Email me to brag about passing.  I love hearing the success of my students. chris@topadjuster.com
  8. Continue learning – visit our site to pick up the latest tips & tricks, as well as the newest trends with Xactimate.

How it works:

  1. Watch the webinar and follow along- Sketching and Estimating while I go through it with you – click by click.
  2. Review your estimate.  Make sure our figures line up.  If not, check to see what is different (most common problems are related to combining rooms -OR- opening deductions)
  3. Go to www.xactware.com, hover over Training, go down to Certifications and click.
  4. Purchase your Certification exam
  5. Go straight to the Practical Test -No need to Sketch & Estimate!  You’ve already done that during the webinar!
  6. Pass the exam and save your certificate
  7. Email the certificate to all potential employers.  Let them know you’re more qualified than the competition.